Friday, November 2, 2018

Flirting-Leah Style

I am a notary. 

As such the campus police often come to my office to have documents notarized.  First and foremost, I have made it clear I do not charge... in cash.   Chocolate is very much in favor with me.  :)

Anywho, yesterday the front desk clerk comes to my office door with a twinkle in her eye.  She tells me one of the officers is looking for a notary.  I give her a questioning look.  What's up with the twinkle I wonder?  She says, "He brought chocolate," and leans in to whisper, "but I'd choose the handcuffs."

OMG really?  Okay.  He comes in.  Tall.  Uniformed.  No arrogant rage triggering attitude.  Okaaay.  He drops four mini bite 3 Musketeers on my desk.  This dude is looking more attractive by the minute.  We're chatting away while I notarize and I ask about the pink patch on his shoulder.  He explains its in support of breast cancer awareness.   As he signs his document he says,  "Next up is No Shave November in support of testicular cancer awareness."

I don't miss a beat because I'm clever like that.  I respond with:

"You think your wife is gonna mind your hairy balls? Oh, and man that's gonna be itchy growing back in."

Sigh.  FML.  I'm going to be alone forever

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