Saturday, October 20, 2018

And on a Serious Nose....

Years ago in college, I had to take a class on the writings of Chaucer.  The most famous of which is, of course, the Canterbury Tales.  As enthralling as these tales of religious pilgrims were, I would on occasion find my attention wandering.  Here's one of the results;

Sitting bored with wandering gaze,
I beheld something that did truly amaze.
My eyes had settled upon such a sight.
There it was, so good and right.

Planted there straight and proud,
I barely refrained a shout aloud.
I wanted to yell, "Hey all! Look!"
"Forget reading Chaucer. Put down that book."

There it was, in just the right place.
Center stage on Barbara's face. 
With clarity revealed to only my eyes,
I sat filled with wonder and surprise.

I looked away expecting a change.
I looked back. Lord, it was strange.
There it sat in splendor and glory,
Not lumpy or bumpy, twisted, or hoary.

Classical lines so straight and true.
I had to tell them so they could see too.
Nostrils that curved, Neither too narrow nor wide,
not a single hair poking out from inside.

Forget the Miller, the Knight, or Squire.
To hell with the bickering Monk and Friar.
Sitting right here was inspiration for all,
attached to a woman neither short nor tall.

The king of its kind. The glory of all noses,
so perfectly formed for sniffing spring roses.
Shaped by God for us all to see,
what exactly the perfect nose should be.

And Barbara possessed it, I thought in a miff.
She probably ignores it, using it only to sniff.
I would gaze at it endlessly, filled with such pride,
if only that nose were stuck to my hide.

So I sat there, quietly jealous.
Let them read Chaucer and other fellas.
I did not share the beauty I'd  seen.
I kept it to me and turned quietly green.

Now every time that Barbara walks by,
I nod and I smile and politely say, "Hi."
I look at that nose so perfect and true.
And I wish to God I had one like that too!

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