Thursday, August 2, 2018


Last night I had the most bizarre and disturbing dream.  It was one of those bad ones in which I had to force myself awake and when I did, I found myself in the bed panting in fear.

I blame my coworker Anne-Marie for this one.  The day before she was describing putting out a fire that was near her grill.  I said she was nuts because those propane tanks could explode. A simple enough conversation.  Yeah, so guess I what  I dream about.... yup... a weird Frankenstein-like heater creation fueled by a combination of propane and natural gas (maybe they're the same thing, I have no idea but my sleeping brain was completely terrified of this mix).

The contraption is in the middle of my kitchen heating the apartment. Having been bumped by my careless adult child who is moving two of my old refrigerators (what??) into my second story apartment (I haven't lived on a higher floor in 20 years) it is now leaking gas!  Of course the kid has taken off to hang out with friends and I am left with two stocked and broken fridges to worry about melting/spoiling food and a gas leak of some sort.  Fucking kids.  I look over and there are blue flames following along the wires of the contraption.  I can see metal heating up and turning red.

Now, much like Anne-Marie, I have a conundrum.  Try to put out the fire before that tank explodes or make a run for it and lose my home and everything in it- including two extra crappy ass fridges (that I inexplicably seem to care a great deal about).  I opt for grabbing a rag and patting out the fire.  I am frantically patting out flames when my older son and his best friend, Tom, join me.  We are all working away.  Every time we think it is smothered, it reappears somewhere.   My brain is frantically working to figure out how to call 911, keep the tank from exploding, and still move my animals and shit out of the apartment in case it burns down.

At this point I realize the pace is not sustainable and something very bad is going to happen.  I must wake up.  I actively force myself awake to find I am sitting up in the bed panting in fear.   I have to give myself a mental shake to calm down.  As my breathing normalizes, all I can think is... WTF?!  How did that little shit manage to break my refrigerators??

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