Saturday, January 20, 2018

RIP Hugh

Well it was bound to happen.   I have watched Hugh wander from bathroom to bedroom to living room.   Each movement has increased my creep factor and therefore my urge to murder him.  To date, all that has saved him is my laziness.
Today, Hugh (click on his name to learn more about him) reappeared in the bathroom.  But he made the supreme error of venturing down from the ceiling area to the floor.   Perhaps he was desperate for food.  It's certainly not a good season for bugs and I can understand the need to expand his hunting ground, but seriously the only thing stopping me from squashing him into oblivion has been my unwillingness to drag a chair over to whatever his current hang out was.

You might be surprised to know, it was not I that ended the desperate life of Hugh the Shower Spider.  He was taken out by the brother team of Bacon and Eggs.  I saw movement and no sooner had I registered it, than Eggs came running over and stepped on him.  He lifted his paw, saw a leg flex and quite gently pressed down until Hugh as I knew him was no more. When he lifted his paw the second time, Bacon, the fat pig that he is, darted in and gobbled down the Hughster.  Done and done.

The only thing left for the boys to do was threaten to poke out Douglas' other eye when he rambled over to figure out what the excitement was about.

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