Thursday, January 25, 2018

I Don't Get It

I am fully aware that I am a bundle of first world issues.  The worst being my extreme lack of patience when it comes to fast food.  I don't think you can completely condemn me for this given that it has been labeled "fast."  I mean, that does set a certain expectation.   
My second issue is not so much a lack of a filter when speaking, as a filter that has some pretty large holes in it.  I say this because if I had no filter, for sure someone would have shot or punched me by now for saying what is REALLY on my mind.  Combine these two issues and you get the following:

Voice: Can I take your order?
Me: I would like a southwest salad with southwest dressing & grilled chicken.
Voice: Sure, anything else?
Me: Yes, a half cut iced tea and two chocolate chip cookies.
Voice: Sorry. We're out of cookies.
Me (completely exasperated and frustrated): Well how do you expect me to maintain my current fat level if you run out of cookies?!

At that point she lost it. I honestly don't understand what was so damn funny.
A few days later, again at McDonald's.

Voice:  Hi. Can I take your order?
Me: Do you realize I have been waiting TEN SECONDS?
Voice:.................................. um.
Me: This is FAST food.  FAST.  I can't be waiting around losing 10 seconds of my life when I am in a fast food lane.  Sheesh. I have stuff to do.
Voice: Is this the Southwest Salad lady?
Me: uh... yes?
Voice (in a tone you might use with a two year old):  We have coooookies today.
Me:  Oh!  Well then. Take your time.

Again worker person loses it laughing.  Seriously?  These people should hate me. 

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