Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Here I Go Again

I am an extraordinarily boring human being when it comes to eating.  I find something I like to eat and I can eat that every day for about a year before I switch to something new.  I'm not sure if it's due to laziness, boredom, or just lack of interest in food in general.  It's kind of weird considering I am a bit of a chunky monkey.

Every lunch for the last 6 months or so I have been going to the same McDonalds and ordering the same Southwest Salad with no chicken.  Here's today's interesting interaction:

Voice:  Welcome to McDonald's are you using a credit card or cash today?

I recognize this voice.  It is Edián (or something like that).  I like to mess with Edián.  He takes it very good naturedly and sometimes will be a bit of a smart ass back- if he's not too busy.

Me:  Why do you need to know?

Edi:.... because if you're using a card you'll pay at the second window, but cash at the first.

Me:  How do I know that's true?

Edi:  Um.. ah..... because?

Me:  Sigh......I'll pay cash.  I want a southwest salad.

Edi: With southwest dressing? and a half cut iced tea?

Me: yup.

Edi:  We only have sweet tea.

Me:  Really?  I mean really?  You question my pay choices and then tell me I can't have what I want?  Fine.  Just get me the salad and tea.

Edi:  laughing a bit ... okay just pull up.  (clearly he knows it's me now)

At the window Edi takes my cash and leans out into my window.  He looks left and then right and whispers:  "You know, the government pays me to be here and check out who is using cards and who is not."

Me:  I knew it!  Bastards!!!  They're everywhere!

Edi: (with a wink and nod as he hands me back my change)  "Keep watch.  We are watching....."

I am practically in love with this kid.  He makes my day so much better.

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