Monday, December 4, 2017

My Mother is a C*nt (not what you think)

As I have stated before, I work in a university.  What I haven't explained is that I work with international students from all over the world.  If you name a country, I have most likely worked with a person from there.  I love my job.  I love the students and helping them achieve their goals.  I also love the humor that comes from language misunderstandings on both sides.

Here is a repeat of a conversation I had with a Chinese student who was very proud of his command of English but as you will see.... needed just a little bit of assistance: 

Me (Just trying to be nice):  What do your parents do for a living?

Student (smiling and nodding):  My fahzah is bizness.  My muzah is a cunt.

Me:  *blink* ....... um..... your mother.... is.... a.... cunt??

Student: (again nodding and smiling proudly):  Yes. Yes.  Muzah is a cunt.

Me: ..... (Thinking furiously) ...... Your mother is a..." (horrible person? prostitute?  What is he saying?)  "...... Wait. Your dad has a business?

Student: (nodding and smiling) yes!

Me: Your mother does the books? Counts money??

Student: Yes! Muzha is a cunt!

Me: a....COUNT....ant. Your mother is an accountant! Ohhhhh..... Ok.  Oh God.  

There then ensued a 10 minute extremely important pronunciation lesson.

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