Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Just another Chill Christmas

My Christmas was pretty good.  This was a time to appreciate the uniqueness of what I have. 

I own a multi family home in which I live on the first floor.  Everyone in the building is connected in one way or another and together, we have assembled ourselves as our own little family.  We have cook outs, gather for holidays, celebrate birthdays, have the occasional squabbles, voice our unwelcome opinions on relationships, you know, all of the things that other families do.

Christmas day began with elder son waking the entire building by first marching through my apartment and then into the halls shouting into a bull horn at 9 am.   "MERRY CRIMBUS!!!  TIME TO GET UP!" Now you are probably thinking, especially those of you with children, "9 am?  That's not bad.  You got to sleep in."

Keep in mind that elder son is 31 years old.  We aren't talking kids here.  AND I was exceptionally clear in our group message that whomever dared to bother me before 10 am was going to get punched square in the face.  Lucky for darling son, that not only was I in shock with wobbly my-body-is-up-but-my-brain-is-not legs, but the bullhorn was blocking the mouth that should have gotten punched.

Soon everyone was gathered in my apartment, me still pretending to hate the whole megaphone thing, and everyone chattering away.  Three dogs, Doug (boston terrier), Bogui (a chihuahua/papillon mix) and Orla (a golden retriever) are running around the apartment raising hell and tormenting each other with toys they refuse to share.  There's continued bullhornery, chatter, dogs, and general happy mayhem.

Honestly, I was pretty excited this year because I prepared stockings for everyone in the building.  I think they were a hit.  I gave wonderful gifts:  Poo Pourri, smart alecky t-shirts, weirdly shaped dice for even weirder games, and other unnecessary little things that people probably don't need or want.  2 hours later everyone had dispersed to their respective apartments, Luis (megaphone dude) and his fiance to sleep as they had stayed up all night, Mark and his "friend" <imaging wiggly eyebrows here> also off to sleep, and Amanda and her guy to finish cooking for her mother's shindig later that day.  I did feel bad that the step daughter had her little brother along and I had nothing for him or for Mark's "friend" whom I have known for a while.   😢

So, by noon, it was just me, Doug, Bacon, Eggs, and wrapping paper everywhere.  The majority of the building was back in bed (buncha lazy turds) and I got to settle down on the couch with a blanket, tea, two traumatized cats, and a warm and snuggly dog.  Was it perfect?  No.  The dog kept farting and one kid is missing.  But otherwise Ahhhhh...... 🎅

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