Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Are You Kidding DD??

By now you may have noticed that I seem to have lots of issues with Dunkin Donuts. (See previous) I realize they can be easily resolved by, say... making my own tea in the morning?  But, God, do you really think I have the patience for that?  I have places to go and things to do that do not include saving money and making my own damn tea.  This is America dammit.  I want what I want and I want it NOW.

But here we go again.  There are three... count them....three!!  Dunkin Donuts on my ten minute drive to work.  Today I went a tiny bit out of my way to go to a 4th because the other three are fraying what nerves I have left.   

DD: Welk Dundonuts.  Halpyu?

Me: (Please oh Please let this go well).  Yes.  May I please have a medium regular coffee, and -

DD: Ok that's a medium hegula kof?

Me: ..... (hegula kof??)...  Nooooo...... a medium REG-U-LAR COF-FEE and-

DD: yes.  hegula kof.

Me:... um, ok... yes?  And a large black tea with two tea bags and extra sugar please.

DD:  ok.  hegula kof medium.  You want cream in tea?

Me: (OMG OMG OMG)  Noooo.... that is why I said BLACK.

DD: ..............................................

Me: Ahem.  Black tea, large, extra sugar... and the coffee

DD: more kof?

Me: (beginning to rock back and forth and resisting urge to slam head on steering wheel).  No please,   Just the one tea and one coffee.

DD: ok.  You want-

I step on the gas and drive forward before they can say one more thing and make me lose my shit altogether.  I now have 20 seconds or so to pull myself together before my brain explodes.  I'm good.  I got this.... I'm ok.   Maybe I should ask the doctor for those heart pills, you know the ones you dissolve under your tongue?

On the plus side.  They gave me all the right things and extra napkins I don't need.

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