Thursday, December 28, 2017

Amanda's Tale of 10 and 5

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Amanda.  On the face it, Amanda was just your ordinary young woman.   She liked knitting and making costumes.  She loved animals and, like so many Americans, came from a "broken home."  Although, I suppose one has to have had a together home for it to have been broken.  Her parents never married and never even really had the chance to set up house together.

Amanda was born of a young mother, too young to be honest, and a dad named Steven who honestly should have known better than to be messing around with a 15 year old.  Steven, who was 21 did not come from the best of homes himself and by the time Amanda was 3 he was off doing whatever it is 24 year olds do to find their way in the world. He was not an overly consistent father, but it seemed he tried, for whatever that meant.

Ironically, Steven, whose mother came from a long line of tall people, grew to be 6' 2" tall, while his father, Big Steve, bordered on midgetdom at 5'5"- which he insisted and even had put on his license, was truly 5'7".  Steven's life was dominated by his father and although they fought constantly, "Big" Steve and "Little" Steve still stay in contact for good or bad.

Amanda lived with her mom who was also trying to find her way.  She eventually met another man who had some nice life prospects and she settled down into domesticity with.... Stephen.   Within a few years the mom found herself pregnant with a baby boy.  One she named....   Can you guess?  You are correct.  George.  She named the child Geo- just kidding.   Of course she named him Stephen.  Why else would I be writing this?  Now at this point, if you are counting, our young Amanda is up to four Steves in her life: grandfather, father, brother, and... sort of step father.  Mom never did marry him.

Life went on.  Steven, the dad, entered and failed in a new relationship. There were no children from this relationship, but Amanda did pick up a couple new step brothers to add to her soon to be very large sibling pool.  Since she had known the boys for 11 years and lived in their family for about 4 years, they were well bonded and became, to this day, a lasting part of her life.  (in case you are counting, that now equals one half brother and two "step" brothers)

Dad, in a very quick rebound after his eleven year mishap, married a woman and immediately began producing children, four in total- (four MORE half siblings!!).  This woman had two children of her own from previous marriages.  Add two more to the list of semi-siblings and our Amanda now has NINE siblings of various sorts!  Of the four children Dad had with his new wife, one had the misfortune of being a boy, yet another Steven.  This one they called Trip.  Not because he was particularly clumsy, but because he was a third.... TRIPle.  We are now up to... Grandpa Steve, Dad Steven, "Step-dad" Steve, Brother Steve, and New Brother Steven.

Amanda, bored with her ordinary life, had completed college and landed a job.  She was busily getting on with living, much as her parents were doing.  Mom had also married- and not to a Steve!  She had another baby, luckily a girl.  Disappointingly and not much fun for this story, the girl was not named Stephanie (half sibling number six).

Amanda began and ended her first relationship.  She got a little older and met yet another man.  One who shared her love of costuming (Cosplay), Dungeons & Dragons, and other things nerdy.  They spent time together, and finally.... he proposed!  Amanda now had her very own private Steve.

Let's all pray that should our Amanda and Steve reproduce, they produce a Steve of their own.  Surely there is some power in being the product of so many Steves???  And if you are wondering... yeah, this is a very true story- 10 siblings, 5 steves.

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