Monday, November 20, 2017

What to Tell 18 Year Old Me

One of our teachers gave out an exercise this past week that asked students, "What would you go back and tell your 18 year old self?"  Of course that got me thinking and whoooooo boy.   I have so much to say to that idiot.

1. Yo, nothing and I mean NOTHING is nearly as urgent as you think it is.  Wait and see what's really going on before you leap into something or someone.

2. But on the other hand, don't let it be fear of getting hurt that stops you from leaping.  You are going to get hurt.  A lot.  And you know what?  You will survive.

3. Your parents are just people, and to be honest they are both hot messes.  They are not right about everything they say or do.  Try not to let it damage you so much.

4. On the other hand, you are not nearly as smart as you think you are.  You might want to at least consider some of what they have to say.

5. Hugs and snuggles aren't the bad things you were taught they were.  They are love and comfort and real family.

6. Life goes by waaaaay faster than you realize.  Take time to just sit still once in awhile and appreciate the moments you are in.

7. Learn to tell people to fuck off faster but in a more polite way.  Your anger isn't helping even when someone really needs to be told to fuck off.

8.  Be you.  It's gonna be lonely at times, but it's all you really can be so stop trying to be better, smarter, more worthy.

9. Most of the cliches are true.  Think about it.

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