Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What To Do With an Anxious Doug?

Apparently the answer is NOT buy him an extra big real beef rib bone.

As I prepared to leave for my day of work, I presented Doug with my newest attempt.  His excitement was catchy.  I thought, "This is it! This bone will keep him occupied.  No peeing on the floor.  No jumping up against the door for hours on end.  I'm a freaking genius."  My back was starting to hurt from all the patting I was giving myself.

Flash forward 8 hours.  I pick up Doug at the neighbor's because this is one of those days he's gone to play with his girlfriend Bogui.  We get back to the apartment and I check out "Doug's room."  Looks much the same.  Pee on the pee pad which he has tracked EVERYWHERE.  Sigh.  But wait.  Where's the bone?  Not in his crate.... now that I think of it, where's Doug?  Not up my ass as usual.  I turn and call him.  No Doug.  I walk in the living room to see a guilty looking Doug who has just "unburied" his bone from the couch cushions.   Oh.  Ok.  Kinda funny and cute.  I take it and put it away.

Back to the room to clean the mess. This is where I discover that during the course of the day he tried to bury his bone in my 6 foot house plant.  Not only do I have to clean tracked pee, one corner of the room is covered in dug out dirt and pea stone.   Oh Doug.  It's a damn good thing I actual love this window licker.

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