Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Was it Love or Survival

Last night I was in a pretty decent mood.  I put on my iPod Shuffle on the neat new docking station and set it to blast.  Out pops good old Billy Joel and he's heartbrokenly crooning about how hard it is to find honesty.

I hear you Billy.  I feel you Billy.  So now I am singing along and I am all in man.  I'm wailing it out.  I have to share this heartfelt moment so I scoop up a confused Doug into my arms and looking deep into his slightly misaligned eyes and screech, "Hoooonesty is such a lonely word.  Everyone is so untr-mmnph.....??"

I don't know if it was a loving, "Shhhhh human Mommy, it's okay.  I got you." or "Jesus Christ woman, my ears are bleeding."  But whichever it was, it ended with a paw smack in my mouth.

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