Monday, November 27, 2017

The Friday After

As you may have already figured out, I work at a university.  Typically we do not work the Friday after Thanksgiving and we shut down the week between Christmas and New Years.  A year or two ago the university, being an institution with the combined wisdom of centuries of learning, decided that one way to cut costs was to stay open during these periods and thus capture registrations as well as doing away with "banked time" that employees built up during the year to have this time off with pay.

This year I opted to work the Friday after Thanksgiving as, frankly, I had nothing better to do.  At the end of the day I emailed the following report to my supervisors to be sure they were informed of the day's activities:

I figured an update of Friday's activities would be important to the continued excellent service of our wonderful division.  In the light of having us all on the same page, I am sending each of you a report of the day's activities:
-I arrived on time at 8 am to open the doors just as Sonela is also reporting to start her exciting day of fun.
-At 12:30 pm my phone rings and scares the bejesus out of me.  Wrong number.
-12:45 Sonela asks if I mind if she takes lunch at 1.  I have to think carefully given how busy it's been, but decide to chance it.
-12:50 someone from President's office drops off a flier to be posted (I'm not fooled. He's just checking to see if anyone is here).
         -1:15 My phone rings again, but this time I am prepared and answer like a pro.  It's Sandra 
            (a co-worker) laughing at me because I am at work and she is not.
-2 pm. Sonela returns and I brave the chance of losing my parking spot to go to  CVS.
-2:30 pm I return and apparently there's been a rush because a former student is standing talking to Sonela.  He came to give me a few coins from Brazil because he knows I have a jar with coins  from the country's of all of our students.
-2:45 phone rings AGAIN and in spite of the frantic activity I am able to answer Dona Edwards (a coworker from a different division) and let her know that yes, we can leave at 4 pm.  Woo HOO 15 minutes early!
          -3:30 I begin this enthralling report, thus validating the State's need to maintain open 
           offices the Friday after Thanksgiving. 
-4 pm having received 0 emails, no business related calls or students, I leave satisfied in yet  another day of having fully contributed to society.

PS- I did manage to find a parking spot without much difficulty after my CVS run.  Whew.

Leah L. Guzman, Program Coordinator

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