Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pet Peeve

No, I am not peeved at my pet today.  Doug is just fine.  Still dumb as a box of rocks, but fine none the less.  However, I do have a peeve. Well, I have a lot of peeves but this one… ugh.  Girls, if you are going to wear high heels, learn how to walk in them.  
I work on a university campus and I see all kinds.  Blue hair, green hair, tattoos, piercings, pajama pants (Christ on a crutch don’t get me started on wearing your PJ’s in public), yoga pants, purple hair, guys in dresses, you name it we got it.  And I don’t care.  I really don’t.  To each his own.  Don’t push your crap on me and I won’t put my standards on you.

BUT there is nothing that makes me want to roll my window down, use my loudest lunatic can-collecting crazy lady voice and scream; “Heel, Toe!!  Heel, Toe!” the way seeing a woman in heels who does not know how to walk in them.  It doesn’t matter how cute those shoes are, how awesome they make your butt and legs look, or how beautifully you have coordinated those shoes with whatever you are wearing, if you walk like a giraffe on stilts, you look damn stupid!  Heel. Toe.  Don’t lift the entire leg, bend the knee, and drop your foot straight down.  You look like a dumb ass!!  Have you ever seen a model or actress on TV do that?  I mean c’mon.  PLEASE, my sanity can’t take it.  Heel.  Toe.  Lift and repeat with opposite leg.  It really isn’t that hard.

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