Monday, November 6, 2017

It's A Beginning

Well world.  Here I am.  I've decided to join the world of bloggers.  Why?  I haven't a clue.  Nor do I have a specific agenda.  So I guess this blog will just wander around much like I do in my everyday life.  Half the time I think, "I got this," and the other half is spent thinking, "Huh?"

I like the idea of sharing me without the burden of actually sharing- and if that seems contradictory, well then, welcome to me!  I'm a hot mess, just like the rest of you.  People exhaust me.  I suspect it's because I possess limited compassion and patience.    But anyway, the basics-

I live alone, yet surrounded by people I care about (figure that one out!).  I have a dumb little dog that is my best buddy, we share the house with 2 brother cats who really don't much like dumb doggy, but hey, tough cookies.  The brothers, Bacon & Eggs, are hellions when the dog isn't around.  And the dog, well, he's kind of an idiot but his heart is in the right place (his chest).

Doug, my dog, is a boston terrier and right now my kayak buddy.  We camped this summer, just me, him, a sleeping bag, and the kayak.  It was wonderful and I anticipate next year spending more and more time as far from civilization as I can get.   I find "civilization" to be the most uncivilized place in my life.  I am lonely as hell, but want very little to do with other humans, which equals, once again- welcome to the batshit crazy life of Lealyn.  

I am an artist.  Or not. I don't know.  But I love color, drawing, painting, wood burning, and pysanky.  There's always something new to learn and try.  Immersing myself in a project calms me and keeps me from killing either my neighbors or myself.  And there you have me for today.  Welcome to my weird little world.

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