Sunday, November 26, 2017


At my house we have a tradition called Friendsgiving.  It was initiated by the younger son for his vegetarian and vegan friends and just never stopped happening.  Year after year.  I seriously considered not doing it this year for a bunch of reasons.

But who could have missed this?  I burned the finger I affectionately call Dead Finger 3 separate times because of diminished sensation & spilled raw pumpkin pie on Doug's head.  He's still sticky.  The cats may never recover from the presence of three rambling dogs. And as for the dogs.... Mine ate so much junk, I'm relatively sure this means my next few days are going to be filled with randomly expelled horrid anal stench.

We had vegan food, a giant Turkey, more desserts than could ever be considered reasonable, and talk, oh my goodness, so much talk. Oh, and music Tom sr. brought his guitar. He and his son and wife sang.  We played games and it was great.

Thank you all for yet another year worth living and sharing.

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