Friday, November 24, 2017

Five Finger Death Punch

Couldn't sleep again last night.  My mind wandered into all kinds of deep forests of weirdness.  The place I remember most upon waking is Fiver Finger Death Punch.

Five Finger Death Punch?  Five fingers?  Shouldn't it be four fingers and a thumb?  How do you make a fist without the thumb?  Are you making a thumbless fist right now as you read this?  You know you are.

And let's just assume you do have 5 fingers (awkward) and you fold them into a fist of a sorts.... it's more like some weird ass straight forward folded karate chop.  I have actually heard of people- met one in fact- who were born with 2 thumbs.  But five fingers?  What the hell do you do with that?  What kind of name is that and what were they thinking?  Was there acid involved?  There had to be acid involved.

I think I remember hearing somewhere that the name is based on a karate movie with a similar name.  Maybe it was just a bad translation calling a thumb a finger.  I suppose it's better than Five Thumb Death Punch.  Or Five Toe Death Punch.  That would be beyond awkward. Honestly I had never heard of them (sorry metal fans) until I heard the song The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell.  Something resonated.  That's a damn good song.

I should go check out more of the music, but it's just the thumb thing.  My subconscious just can't let it go.  Sigh.... Sleep.  Normal sleep would be so very nice.  What if there's three fingers on one hand two on the other?  Maybe combined they make one hell of a punch.... oh God.   I'm done.

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