Monday, November 13, 2017

But Sometimes, the Sun Shines on Cloudy Days.

Well hello again reader.  So, you're still hanging in reading what I write.

Today I almost did not go to work.  After a rough couple of days with childhood "stuff" being brought up in ways I could not avoid, I let it weigh me down.   But, my darling little dog decided he would start off my day with a reminder that depending on your view a situation can either be hilariously funny, infuriating, or just another straw on your pile of misery.

What amazing thing did Doug do you wonder?  He farted.  Right in my sleeping face.  Loudly and with as much authority a 20 pound dummy can muster.   After the initial, oh my GOD!!  I had to laugh.  I mean, really dude???  And so, to escape the stench, I stumbled out of bed and began my day.

I was immediately tripped by Bacon who was purring his loudest in anticipation of being fed, while brother Eggs looked on with his usual slightly grumpy face.  I think they all get together once a week to set a strategy for who's going to lead the Let's Mess With The Human campaign.  Last week it was Eggs.  This week, I suspect Doug.

LIttle do they know.... I'm ready.  I'm watching.

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