Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Twinkle in the Eye

I fall in love almost every day.  It's true. I don't always fall for people.  In fact, it's almost never people!
Sometimes it's a magnificent tree, a horse, a twinkle in a person's eye.  However, since I have the attention span of a squirrel on crack, I'm quickly in love with the next thing. It reflects mainly in my artwork where I tend to be all over the place with techniques and styles.

These last couple of weeks it's been Anson Mount IV.  He's an actor and I found his show, Hell on Wheels quite by accident.  I should clarify, it's not so much gorgeous Anson himself as his facial expressions and those eyes.  Those damn beautiful expressive eyes. 

I know nothing about Mr. Mount other than he's now playing the lead on The Inhumans.  But I'm in love with those expressive eyes.  His new character is different and as yet, I'm not convinced he's using those eyes as well as he could, but for now, until the next twinkle catches MY eye- hello love of my life.

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